Let a professional English to Chinese translator and copywriter write your Chinese content.

You don’t just want your words translated into Chinese. You want them written in the right way. To connect with your audience in China. To engage them. To wow them. In other words, you want your Chinese content to do your brand and your products justice. Just like your English content does. 

You have come to the right place. Because as a professional English to Chinese translator and copywriter, that’s exactly what I do. I study your brand, your customers and your tone of voice. I deliver your message in a way that matters to you and your audience. So your Chinese voice is loud, clear and consistent with your global voice.

And that is what I have been doing for more than 12 years. For Apple, Four Seasons, Harrods, Microsoft, Net-a-Porter, Rolex, Twitter and many more.

Chinese word for 'Hello' representing Chinese translation services.

English to Chinese translation

With the Chinese language and the English language being worlds apart, you don’t want your message lost in translation. You need a professional English to Chinese translator. Someone who knows how to strike the balance between staying true to your message and speaking naturally to your Chinese audience…

A photo of writing the word 'create', representing Chinese transcreation services.

Chinese transcreation

You want to engage your Chinese audience. You want your message to be meaningful to them. A direct translation does not do the trick. This is when a Chinese transcreation service is necessary...

A photo of hands raised, representing copywriting in the language of your audience.

Chinese copywriting

It is not a simple task to translate your message accurately and naturally. But what if the form of your message is a slogan that conveys your philosophy? A headline that plays on words? An advertising campaign that will be launched across all media? You need an experienced Chinese copywriter who can think out of the box…